Can I Buy Contacts Without A Prescription?

If you live in the United States, and suffering from eyesight issues, there is a prohibition in buying contact lenses without a valid prescription, signed and dated by your ophthalmologist. But, if you want to get colored contacts without power, then having a prescription doesn’t matter. In this online shopping era, everything is possible. Nowadays everything is available online; even the contacts. You can switch to the contact lenses from your pair of glasses anytime. And buying contact lenses without prescription, is an uprising among the both type of users.


Why Should I Get My Contacts Online?

Save Your Time

Our days are getting busier, and you don’t want to run from store to store in order to get contacts. All you need to visit an online contact lens store, choose your suitable one from the widest range of different types of contacts of different brands and place an order. They will deliver the contacts at your doorstep. Therefore,besides, you can order contact lenses without prescription, buying them online will also save your time.

Free from the Hassle of Eye Check-up

Many people try to avoid the hassle of eye checkup. So, they prefer to go for online when it comes to buying their contacts. Most people even buy their contacts relying on the previous prescription, only if they are sure about that the power has not changed.

Various Options are Available

Online contact lens stores are the best option for those who want to wear contacts only to enhance their beauty. A vast range of colored contacts of different shapes are available there. They can choose the suitable contacts best for their looks.

Buying Contact Lenses Cautions:

Although it has become easier to order contact lenses without prescription, still there are a few issues to keep in your mind before you take the decision.

  • If you are planning to try on contacts for the first time, then buying them without a valid prescription may not be the best idea. Eyes are very sensitive. And you need to more careful when you plan to wear something on eyes. So, go visit a doctor first.
  • You got to be sure enough about your power before you buy your contacts online. Otherwise they can harm your eyesight.
  • Before you place an order, consider which type of contacts you prefer– daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Last but, not the least, it is important to choose a brand that you have used earlier. And if you are a newbie, then go for a brand whose customer reviews is enormous and satisfying, and price is reasonable.




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